Simon and Garfunkel and the kids

Dorm life is getting to me and all i can do is turn up the volume and play songs that remind me of other places, like simon and garfunkel who remind me of home, or chumbawumba and lfo who remind me of carpooling in third grade, or octopus project who are loud enough that i can't even think about where i am anyway.

and i am at desk, after being in a classroom after being in studio after being in MY studio after cleaning the fridge and sneezing 10 times from all the crud that was in the bottom drawer after running into helene on the t after leaving the grocery store after getting to the grocery store after taking the train to starbucks after waking up to a phone call three hours past my alarm.


September 11, 2008

Holley my chiropractor put a heat wrap on my neck and said very cheerfully: "So, what were YOU doing seven years ago today?"


Catching some sun

Humidity is lowering itself down on Cambridge right now.  
When I look through my windows (clerestory style) from 
my bed below them I can only see sky.  This morning it 
was bright whitish-grey.  I told Dodd I always assumed 
Grey had an "e" in it, but I don't know the general 
consensus on that.

I've officially had one of every class.  They are as follows:

1. Thermal Fluids I, a stereotypically difficult, boring, and 
depressing class combining what in other majors is three 
classes, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat 
2. Design and Manufacturing II, and awesome class taught 
by my favorite professor, in which we learn about manu-
facturing and get to make yoyos, and tour the Solo cup factory.

3. Experiencing Architecture Studio, hands on, half Wellesley 
girls, and the teacher has a lisp.

4. Art Since 1940, Modern art history taught by Caroline 
Jones, who can cram a paragraph of information into every 
sentence if you can only catch her references.

5. Computational Design I: Theory and Practice, I am the only 
student out of 21 who is not an architecture major, and I am 
one of two undergraduates. Looks to be interesting, if intimidating.

6. Paul Farmer and the Politics of Global Healthcare, taught 
by puppeteer John Bell and Cracked member Mia Shandell, 
this class teaches us about the work of Paul Farmer and about 
different puppet performance techniques in order to plan a 
Dramashop performance on Paul Farmer in the Spring.

Upcoming projects:
1. painting the 3rd HNC lounge
2. planning the Cracked show
3. printing new tshirts
4. applying to craft fairs
5. studying