my forays into hip

at a party last night i was asked how it feels to be at the peak of hipsterdom. i said, pretty damn legitimate.


a mini drawing, didn't want to sit by the on ramp for too too long.

got into an R. Crumb mood drinking my coffee this morning, decided i should be S. Crumbly



drew this thinking about glass or glasses distorting patterns. i need a project in glass. jumps from here were placing glass in front of a patterned area for selective distortion, placing it in front of a distorted pattern to turn it back to undistorted... didn't get too deeply into it, i guess i'll just have to run some experiments. glass class starts wednesday night at SFSU, woo!


ritual coffee roasters

where everyone orders decaf espressos and has a tattoo, mohawk, or motorcycle helmet.
coffee was pretty great, it was a relaxing place to sit for the entirety of the afternoon, waiting for my wheel to get fixed across the st at velencia cyclery, also a nice place.




the most important part of the pants!

plus drawings


the real deal this time. i even made it so nothing will unravel if they get laundered...

AND i learned a ton about zippers, hem prep and order of operations.

total time on these ~ 3.5 hours.



affectionately named "the robin"
or the robin hood as a hooded version
thanks jesse

i was going for wings on this one...

fit is super. nearing the final iteration!



close up of the bike pants (which are SO awesome to ride in/walk in)

and a newwwww bike jersey
i think i want to make dinosaur jerseys, spikey hoods and scaly backs.