some corsets that got forgotten

Forgot to post the pattern corsets.

Also, check this guy out (that's Jamie painting him):


1000 lbs

First off, I just looked through the last few pages of blog entries
and realized there are no drawings. I'd like to let you know that
is about to change, hope it stays dry in San Francisco.

But to hold you over until then:

Here's the real thing, I just really appreciated the cup (good coffee
too, thanks Andrew for the tip).

Here's the result of 5 hours sitting in a cafe yesterday, stressing out
over the audition today, drinking tea and watching youtube glass
demonstrations. I ended up making a piece that isn't drawn here.

I got to the audition space 40 minutes early, nervous as anything,
but this sign still made me laugh.

And the audition went well! I can't say I made a great piece,
but I was relaxed and decisive, and despite my reservations I
manned up enough to put double handles on my piece, which
I hope made a good impression.

The narration bit involved me talking while Eric Meek made a
piece (a much better double handled vase, plus color plus optic
twist). I felt really comfortable talking (comfortable enough to
make silly filler jokes, for example). When it was over, the guys
and gal who were watching (and taking notes) said even though
they've been watching the show for 10 years they still learned
something from my presentation.

I have to say, while I have a somewhat unstable relationship
with glass as an art medium, I feel so good about teaching it,
and this compliment made me feel like a million bucks.

Thank you to the folks at the Corning Museum of Glass!

Finally, I really enjoyed this house on the walk back to Star's:

If any of you are in San Francisco tomorrow evening, the puppet
show will be performed at 6 at the Diego Rivera gallery at SFAI
(Free food and wine of course).


Hi from Seattle

and finally, there is a picture of a corset on a bike.

Jefferson at Mission Bikes timed himself tying on the corset
(8 minutes, a small investment but well worth it).

I'm in a coffee shop in Seattle blogging the parade for Dave,
getting over caffeinated, dodging the rain, doodling, watching
hot glass youtube videos, and waiting to meet up with Star. My
flight had 45 people on it. I counted less than 10 rows with more
than 1 person in them. i had a really nice stretch across 3 seats,
dozing off listening to the bizarre selection of music on Virgin
flights, including the Arcade Fire, Frank Zappa, and Dolly Parton.

What happens when you draw outdoors in Seattle:

Bizarre cell phone company advertising:

and a really great way to wake up.


more for mission bikes

prep time!

the first batch of rainbow corsets (not-yet-laced)

to match this spiffy bike store display:


in action

a little publicity

This Etsy treasury.

In other news, Mission Bicycles says, despite the rain, they are
low on pant straps! Delivery going there tomorrow, which I
took off from work to practice puppets on a projector at SFAI.

Today I power-sanded styrofoam for 3 hours. I don't wish that
upon anyone. Jamie and I were also put in charge of taking out
these lag screws:

the chunks of wood above it are where I had to chip off plywood
in order to see where the lag screw was. In the end, Jamie decided
to use her 5-in-1 tool to try to break the wood from the other side.
Here's Jamie being angry:

Off to puppet!


puppets 2

fresh-out of college kid, testing out the waters of real life.

they turn out to be unsatisfactory.

MIT's Green building, complete with a robot and the number 2.

Helen happily at work drawing said robot:

the lyrics to our theme song: what did you learn in school today?



our sisyphus (mountain coming soon):

the lecture hall nose-picker:

college as crushed beer cans:

which will look something like this on an overhead projector:

more coming soon!


parades etc

For all parade updates, see here. I am blogging in exchange for a free
ticket to Seattle for the audition!

Still terrified, although I found out the person I will be working with
for the demo is this guy:

This is one of CMOG's Master glassblowers, Eric Meek. Coincidentally,
I took a week-long goblet workshop with Eric in New York when I was
in high school. The workshop was great, and Eric is a really easy person
to get along with, which takes a lot of stress out of the whole audition.

More coming soon, on the agenda this week (aside from float building)
is finishing another batch of bike corsets for Mission Bicycle Co. to match
their rainbow display (I didn't realize how hard it is to limit my colors.
Each corset is one color throughout, with different shades. Not my thing,
but I think it'll match the store a lot better), and making a learning-themed
shadow puppet show with my old roommate Helen. We're performing a
week from tomorrow at the San Francisco Art Institute!

Stay tuned!


bike corsets all over

new corsets with new tags
off to mission bicycle and wheelgirl this weekend

in the meantime, i am home sick sick sick. no float-building for me.




On the way home from work today (with my newly employed roommate!),
I passed the TCHO chocolate factory at Pier 17. There was an unlocked
dumpster right in front, and Jamie and I peeked inside, only to find a bunch
of 5-gallon bucket-sized solid unsweetened chocolate cylinders!

Naturally, there will be more truffle recipes coming soon. Fresh mint and
rosemary are the next two flavors.

drippy drippy chocolate (this chocolate had way more cocoa butter
than refined chocolate, it kept separating out, now i have a block of
it to cook with)
coconut-mint milk + melted chocolate

= no leftovers


new bike corsets

New bike corsets on their way to Mission Bicycle tonight.
The black is velvet, the burnt orange is corduroy.
I'm psyched about the Mt. Fuji corset.


Got so much done today and I'm sleepy and covered in silver epoxy paint
I shook a small vial's worth of gold glitter out of my hair when I got home
last night and all day I kept finding more. I learned today just how
amazing it is to have a day off every day. I won't take it for granted again,
I promise.

In other news, my how-to-make-your-own-tag Instructable was featured
and sent out in the weekly newsletter! It's at 7000 views!

New crop of leg straps, freshly finished 10 minutes ago.


working for other people is strange

i've had a job 3 days and i've already forgotten all the things i had been planning to do after xmas, like frame some drawings and take them to galleries, or follow up with bike stores, or figure out how to get jerseys manufactured.

my body is exhausted from scrubbing climbing lifting and carving. i'm taking tomorrow off to sew clean and buy groceries (no more living off of bagels and burritos).

how do people do it? i think i'll never know.

some better shots of my work place: