bike pants the sequel

a million times easier this time
the back pockets are still totally weird though



bike knickers!!!

but first, a drawing...

spent the day making up some bike knickers (articulated knees, seat padding, big pockets). started out by realizing i had bought the wrong type of fabric, but kept at it cause the stuff was cheap and i was bound to mess up royally. so i learned a lot on these ones, and they accidentally came out in my size, and with u-lock sized pockets, which is great! i;m wearing them out tonight for sure.

next time they won't be made out of polyester



taking a little drawing break to make a line of bike clothes.

i stumbled upon a fabric store with a huge sale and made out with 300
bucks worth of all sorts of stuff. trying to whip; up some jerseys, bags,
and bike knickers to cart around to local stores, i'm pretty psyched about
all the figuring out i'll be doing so soon...

snagged some giant paper rolls from my landlady to make patterns with,
a friend's bike clothes for a reference, and so many stretchy colorful yards
of fabric i could make a whole rainbow of weirdo custom jerseys. now i just
need a bike

tell any bikers you know! i'll be posting pictures soon.

here's trial one:


alla embarcadero

went to the ferry building to try to get a job at blue bottle coffee. got some cheap sunflowers on the way out and walked home with my yellow flowers glasses and backpack listening to the amelie soundtrack. what an awesome day

recovery day

who knew a day of driving after camping wasn't enough of a recooperation?
it took everything i had to get myself out the door today, and just that little bit more to get out my sketchbook

but i did
and then it was too cold for shading. i might do back when the sun exists



went camping in downieville ca this weekend, pretty excited about drawing something besides architecture. i did. and i got about 2x more than these:


a tradeoff

sat on the corner of clayton and haight sts for 3 and a half hours. got this

talked to a zillion people, someone gave me $40 and told me to buy another sketchbook, i wonder if it was more a function of the drawing or the soccer game he probably just came from watching. at any rate, made my day.


sitting too long

sat on a henry moore sculpture in city hall waiting for someone to kick me off of it.  no one did, left after 3.5 hours of drawing city hall.  took me an hour to notice the cables, so strange.  thought about paul madonna.  thought about boston, thought about the people rummaging for cans in the trash.  


all the way to californIA

packed up and left my roommates in a pile of garbage and art supplies
got on a plane with 5 boxes, a suitcase, a ukulele and a guitar
landed to see my aunt and sister at the airport to help me move my burst boxes to 766 fell st
opened to door to an incredible art house, 12' ceilings and an organic vegetable garden,
jacuzi bath tub, 3 cats and a dog named sweet boolean
walked walked walked
bought a sketchbook
read about david hockney
and drew