Can't sit still.
Woke up at 7:15
Nothing is open. Took a stroll down to the library to drop off some books.
There was a truck serving coffee to homeless people at City Hall. A toothless
man grinned and asked me how many books I read a week. A gal in overalls
holding a beer and a cigarette asked me for money. Real convincing. At least
she wasn't nodding off.

Anyway, reflective jerseys on the way.


scenes from the new freight and salvage

some scenes from last night's open mic.
tres entertaining.

if you are heading to any of the upcoming open mic events, stay until the end
and you get a comp ticket to any of the next month's shows.

I landed a ticket to Tin Hat, formerly Tin Hat Trio, a band whose CD I bought
at a giant NYC tag sale in Central Park in high school because I liked the name.
Anyway, turns out they are from the Bay. Seductive Chamber Folk is how it
was advertised.

and the wrap up:


new project

After living comfortably in a cardboard box packed generously with
styrofoam in a garage in Oakland since November of 2003, this baby
lock serger has sprung loose, into my room! It makes some
unconvincing clicks when it sews, but with a little grease should be
exactly what I need to start sewing "store quality" stuff. very cool.
Thank you mom and Gillian!

I spent a good while decoding this threading diagram:

with this result:

Full speed ahead!



I got an early start (again) today. So did my roommate, whose avatar
is shooting all sorts of weapons at full volume in the next room.


down on the street

Boring lighting can sometimes make for boring drawings.
Boring subjects with boring lighting can be very difficult to
beautify indeed. Finally, attempting to draw a boring subject
with boring lighting while sitting on cold concrete with your
back against a cold metal pole while your fingers go numb and
you lose all circulation in your legs is the most difficult of all,
and here is the result.

new crop

In the delirium of last night (I fell asleep at 9 pm) I somehow managed
to whip up some jersey fronts. I'm psyched to start selling these, just
have to wait a little longer...

Feedback appreciated, as always.


some oldies

I went to the food stamps office this morning and had a lovely hour of
line-waiting and people-scribbling. Really. It's amazing how many
people were there/are there every day.

Anyway, not to be a downer, it was great to draw, been a while since I
had such a reliably oblivious group of subjects.

and a couple of old ones:


I went out to draw over coffee today, as it was extremely sunny
out and it's been a few days. But I sat down by all these folks
eating lunch, and for some reason it felt really awkward to get
them on paper. Might have been the fact that my pens are all
dead. Since a few drawings ago I've been killing pens much
faster than usual. Not good. Time to start buying them in bulk.

So I decided that I needed a dress with roosters on it, and there
went my day.

When I did go out of the house I saw a guy in GG park throwing
a frisbee to himself and biking to catch it. Pretty great.

I also just finished up this design job for the Mydols, a rock band
from Detroit:


haight st

I haven't drawn a scene in a while. I realized that before drawing this one,
I thought to myself, "I don't know how to draw that." Then I sat down to
draw, started in the lower left corner with buena vista park and the
crosswalks, and just worked my way up. It was refreshing, I had no idea
what the composition was going to be, or how to proportion what I was

Lesson learned, I have to start wanting to draw things that are harder to
wrap my eyes around


some time on my hands
some glass i was bored with
a diamond tip engraver and
some cheap acrylic paint i once found in some bin of free stuff


I've been wondering what about a thing can make so many different
people have the same reaction. Aside from the few folks who stop
to chat while I'm drawing, everyone seems to look at my drawing,
take a few steps, look up at the thing I'm drawing, and walk away
without saying anything. It cracks me up, every time, which is a lot


I woke up without an alarm before 8 am, (as i have every day this week)
to a cold grey day and a sick roommate. It started to rain as I started to
wake up. Not a huge fan of the chilly wet outdoors, I grabbed a free
magazine from the coffee shop downstairs and sat down in my armchair
to read it.

It being an art magazine from NY, I had higher hopes for it than I realize
I should have, as certain articles (in fact, all of the articles) both made me
want to puke and made me want to avoid ever living in New York City
again, unless I want to lose all of my dignity, party hopping and hailing
cabs because I can't walk anywhere in my poorly tailored thrift-store
mini skirt and 4 inch stiletto heeled boots, talking about how I can no
longer afford to pay rent and maybe I should just move to London and
live in a squat because I have spent all of my money making my hair look
like I just got out of a bed that is probably not my own.

The magazine wrapped up with a page of mail-in requests for advice on
how to turn down party invitations, how much PDA is socially acceptable,
and how to have more energy during the day while not compromising
your four nights a week of drinking jagerbombs after your 9-5 job.

The highlights:

and, really, could it be true?

I feel less fulfilled than if I had just read the Onion cover to cover.



i now know just how much dirt settles on hayes and franklin, and it is gross


always look left

this unfortunate circumstance is the one in which i found myself
a little before noon today at Fell and Divisidero. too much traffic
ahead for the driver to make the light, she made a quick left in
front of me, which sucked.

at least i was so close to her that hitting the car hurt neither me,
nor the car. i made it out with a little knee scrape and ripped
handlebar tape, but my wheels are true. also the driver, who was
probably even more freaked than i was, gave me a big hug, which
was funny.

i didn't feel like drawing after this, couldn't get my head in it.

monday monday

went on this ride yesterday with jesse (about 30 miles roundtrip)
spent the evening watching back to the future and wishing i had food in the house

i went out to draw today instead of going to glass class, it felt pretty necessary
found my camera, too bad i lost the cord