and they're off!

i'll be on the east coast until october 12th, please don't mind the lack of entries until then
love sadie

glasses please

going for cezanne-style cups, where you can see more than you are supposed to of the tops.
everything basic drawing tells you you are not supposed to see.

more trials to come

the color on these is color i bought in high school, finally put to use!


took to walking

i forgot how much slower-paced this city can be when you walk instead of bike.
traveled on foot today, i saw SO much more than i have been seeing lately.
it was pretty refreshing.

the fog rolled in heavily, i saw it from my walk in the mission, squinting from the
sun in my eyes at the bluish gray fog a few blocks uphill.

there is a jazz band playing downstairs

and everyone is honking.


new bike seat!

it's like riding a couch
but the suede-ish material kept catching my pants.
so as a preventative measure to falling off while mounting,
a beautiful brown seatcover was in order

baker beach

took the day off from glass class after cutting my left hand
and burning my right yesterday. they are all better today, and
i spent my afternoon eating yellow watermelon and drawing
at the beach. ahhh, i live in california



hold tight!

just moved apartments and i haven't unpacked my camera charger yet. drawings will be up soon!

my room is like a 3rd floor store front on haight st.

pictures coming...