we're gonna have a tv party tonight

or we were, but we forgot to register it on this new kick of making senior house look appealing to the authorities. examplary? i think you could do better.

I'm drinking the last UFO down in my studio which is covered in recursive paintings of an empty fishbowl and piles of dirty dishes. The fridge is covered in beer cap magnets, and since i'm out of magnets maybe i'll just start gluing them. The freshmen bought all the party alcohol from the girl who bought it for the party and then they disappeared behind closed doors. Pot is soon to be decriminalized in this state in this dorm on this floor across the hall and it stinks pretty strong.

And Proposition 8 passed?

I kind of want my phone to ring to give me some way to waste time without actually seeing anyone face to face. As Shaunalynn said it would be terrible to have to have any human interaction. She was being sarcastic though, or at least I think.

Sometimes I forget I had a life before college. Brooke asked me the three defining moments of my life and I couldn't think of anything before senior year of high school. I keep stumbling upon bits of information or things I wrote about situations I no longer remember having been in. It's terrifying to not remember so many little things. But so many little things are happening all the time I don't know why I would or should or if i could remember them at all.