gone pro!

Tag and all!

Thanks to Matt Dalton at Instructables for some laser cutter real estate, photo
opportunities, and stimulating conversation! Instructable here!


and things to drink from

if anybody would like some goblets, i would be happy to make more.
i'm even thinking of buying some color before next semester rolls in.

if anyone is thinking of taking the class, check it out here: sfsu-glass.org

recipe of the day


follow loosely:

melt in a double boiler:
12 oz chocolate chips
1 T coconut oil

stir in:
3/4c - 1c coconut milk (less makes a truffle that is solid but melts when you eat it, more makes a really soft ganache that is even soft when it is frozen. both are ridiculously delicious)


today's flavours are lavender (cook the lavender in coconut milk to taste, add salt, strain)
and curry (add to chocolate/milk mix: curry powder and a little salt to taste)

put choco-sludge mix in a bowl in the freezer for an hour or two, roll into little shapes and cover in cocoa powder

store in freezer or fridge



stuff on the shelves!

Tube tops. bike corsets and pantsters are now being test-sold at Mojo Bicycle
Cafe! (Mojo is on Divisadero between Hayes and Grove)

They have just a few at the counter, waiting on some good feedback before
taking some more. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by and tell
them you're a fan!

If you'd rather wait, Box Dog Bikes will (hopefully) be doing the same at
the beginning of February.

So so excited!

all in a night's work

i went to rainbow grocery tonight to check out their trash.
rainbow is an organic vegetarian grocery store that not only
puts out a dumpster full of unsellable veggies each night, but
that also puts the good produce in a box next to the trash for
the taking. here's tonight's loot, please note the organic
mistletoe (!)


family food

Well my stay in LA is over, but here's what it looked like:

thus completes my first sketchbook of San Francisco.
I have to say I'm kind of proud!

Pink Bread

first of all:

secondly, I have all this purple carrot juice that I don't feel like drinking --> Pink bread!

I made up a recipe, as follows:

1 c warm water
2.5 t yeast
2 T agave

put this stuff in a bowl (cracked a glass bowl doing this, darn)
and let the yeast foam for about 10 minutes

2 c millet flour
.5 c brown rice flour
1 T tapioca starch
1 t xanthan gum

mix it all up, dry and wet stuff

add purple carrot juice until the dough has enough liquid (and is also pink)

lots of: sumac, thyme, sunflower seeds, barberries, himalayan pink rock salt
(or whatever other spices appeal to you instead. I have a hunch that a cinnamon/cayenne/cardamom/goji berry bread would be damn tasty)

knead it all together, coat in olive oil, put it in a pan, covered, in a warm place
for an hour or more.

apparently gluten-free bread doesn't need to be kneaded a second time (or even
a first!) so when it has risen a bunch you can just shove it in the oven (375 deg./1 hr).

a tip I read is to put a skillet of water in the oven with the bread. I did this but not
until late, so I don't know if it worked, but the bread will dry out super fast, so I
recommend giving it a shot.

Let the bread sit in the pan to cool for a while before taking it out, and viola!

the result? delicious! Things to change: it's a little bitter, but I don't know whether
that is from the flours or the spices. I'll mess around next time.




I've done 4 drawings today, probably more than I've ever done.
Unfortunately, all of them came with some family comments:
Am I REALLY that fat? Is the bottom of my chin that big? I look like I'm 3 million years old! That looks terrible, I can't believe it was supposed to be me, I don't like it at all. Looking at your drawing makes me feel really bad about myself.

Only my little cousin Mimi said she loved it and tried to tell everyone else that the drawings were fine. Thanks Mimi!

Tomorrow means more family more drawings more comments, hopefully people will be a little less self-conscious.

merry xmas

the LA times

I'm in a huge house in the Hollywood Hills for the holidays
In order to cope with the copious quantities of Christmas cooking
I've planned to document the perfunctory preparations in pencil.

Please expect something of a series upon my return to San Francisco.

Also, if anyone knows anything about unbinding and rebinding books, I'm thinking about taking apart my sketchbook to scan my double-page drawings, and would love some advice.

thanks mucho




long day

Here's the craft fair setup. All in all, the show was a success,
because the gal next to me was pretty great. So I have a new
buddy, who spends her days making FOSTER MONSTERS!

This oh-so-pro display stand was made by Jesse, and went
together (and came apart) seamlessly.

Thanks again Sami for stopping by and telling me about
Stone Mountain and Daughter, where I spent an
enlightening 45 minutes debating whether or not to buy
fabric with UPS delivery men all over it. In the end I
didn't buy it (they were fully clothed, what's the use?),
but I did get these:

If anyone wants a pant strap or tube top out of any of
these fabrics let me know! I can't wait to see Mount
Fuji on a bicycle.

And I almost forgot! truethatbikes.etsy.com is now up!


another craft show!

I've got another fair this saturday, also in Berkeley (sorry to all you who don't live in the East Bay!)

Come Come!


serged edge (above) or bound edge (below) ?
please comment!

also a bucket o' tube tops and bike corsets for your viewing pleasures


frikkin CUTE

for kari

well it's raining again and i have a million errands to run before tomorrow's craft fair. walking's out, and i'd rather save the $2 bus fare for buying more grossgrain ribbon, which i'm burning through at $.5/yd. solution? a little oilcloth, a coat hanger and some string. (just make sure the hanger is secured at 2 points to the frame so that it doesn't fall down onto your tire). About to take it for a ride...

stoked on this colorway

the burnt orange is corduroy

i've been sewing up a storm these last few days, and I need a new blade for my serger. a little research into the matter shows that the nearest sewing machine supply store to my house also specializes in tarot card readings. go figure!

new reflective jerseys!

and arm warmers!

and top tube cozies (Tube Tops)!


no turning back now!

reversible top tube pads, first prototype
fun to make
want one?

and more! the bike corset:

and some festive sleeves (photoshopped for your viewing convenience)

come to my craft fair!

ladies and gentlemen,
this saturday december 12th (and maybe also the 19th) i will be
participating in a cute little fair at

WHEELGIRL in Berkeley

for a geographical idea:

and of course there will be jerseys and leg reflectors galore, and maybe
even some top tube cozies, they seem so popular in this little town!

Come see me!


riding in the rain is okay

as long as you are going straight home

for all your holiday shopping needs

dear readers,

i am posting all of the bike items here, and they are all for sale!
if you or anyone you know needs some jerseys or leg straps or arm warmers,
please please please inquire! check back every few days if you are waiting for
a particular jersey, i'll be posting them as they are completed.

the jerseys are $35, the leg straps are $8, and the arm warmers are $15

thank you all for continuing to read my blog/write funny comments/remind
me how much i love you




proto 1: arm warmer

and a new stack'o' shirt burritos

(the pink is blinding, can't wait to see someone actually wearing it!)

and finally, the closet collection: