What we've been up to

or, Cole Valley's yeasty adventures.

I started a batch of gluten free sourdough starter about 2 weeks ago, which
made a deliciously mild and light loaf of bread. To make the starter, I added
an assortment of flours, sugar, salt and xanthan gum to a bowl of water,
and let it sit by the window for a couple of days. Every 8-12 hours I fed it fresh
flour and water. Eventually it started to bubble and smell slightly fermented.
(Next go around, it'll just be flour and water, no extra stuff needed).

Two weeks later, the starter keeps outgrowing its container. The goop is more
sour than any sourdough I've purchased, bubbles faster than any starter I've
heard about, and turns out a deliciously flavorful pizza dough or loaf of bread.

Jesse and I are trying to work out the kinks of pizza dough versus bread loaf,
and the kinks of rise time in the doughs, all the while trying to wean ourselves
off of xanthan gum, a highly processed corn-derived thickener, altogether.

All this in time for Sunday's sample drop-off for the SF Underground Market,
ForageSF's slightly illegal marketplace for homespun and unpermitted food
vendors. I went to the May market and left with thai basil beef jerky, amber
rose kombucha, wild rice caramels, mochi, plum butter, and sesame gomasio

For July's market, we're planning to serve gluten free sourdough bread and
mini pizzas. It's a good thing the starter won't stop growing; the market had a
turnout of 3200 last month!

Here's one ice cream maker's table, complete with 2 bite ice cream cones, $2 a pop.

Loaf number 3 is rising as I write this, hopefully just in time for a late night
baking. Loaf number 2 got a double rise (and was SO sour), but rose too much
and sunk back to half it's size. We'll hopefully get the timing right on this one.

Stay tuned!

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