My updates here have been few and far between, but not for lack of activity!
I've been working 4 days a week at the MoMA cafe, and picked up an extra
farmers market day Wednesdays at the Castro market. I've barely had time
to cook the greens I get at Fort Mason on Sundays before I have another
fridge full of free produce. For breakfast today I had a nectarine from Top
Notch, some strawberries from Serendipity Farms, blueberries from Rainbow,
and a few slices of deez melons from Happy Boy Farms. Hot diggity!

All the while I've been feeding my pet sourdough and waiting patiently for it to
bubble, which it finally did on Saturday night! I've been reading about bread in
this book:

and I've learned a ton about why bread works the way it does. With this new
knowledge, I went back and rewrote a few recipes, and voila! It worked a
charm! And let me tell you, gluten-free sourdough is damn tasty. Check out
that lift! I've got another loaf rising right now, since I polished this loaf off in the
form of sourdough cinnamon toast. If I can get some loaves with a bit of
consistency, I'll be hard pressed not to start some sort of production line...

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Anonymous said...

very exciting.....loaf looks like a beauty