i'm back!

and happy to be home.

here are some photos to fill you in on the past month!

chocolate and lemon layer cookies! raspberry jam in the middle from
Serendipity raspberries!

Fifth Crow Farms' scarlet queen turnips! They were so pretty I had to take
a photo, and they tasted even better than they looked!

I treated myself to a handlebar bag from Acorn Bags in LA. My ride is

We had an awesome trip to the East coast. Thanks to everyone who hosted
us, or found us along our route.

Of course, we couldn't travel without cooking. Thank goodness for

I'll post more soon! There may even be some drawings in the works...

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mg said...

GF crust recipe for the apple tart Pretty Please. Got the rest of the recipe from your mama. Asher is a gf kid and is coming for Tgiving your pic on FB inspired me. graceofuller@yahoo.com