the rain in spain falls mainly on me

thunderstorm so big two of the girls ran outside in two-piece suits
and jumped into the moat with six of the girls who were fully clothed.
john said lightning was hitting the houses where he lived and rain was
coming through the roof.  my only bra is soaked through and i rang 
out my shirt for ten minutes.  kristina left puddles wherever she walked
and cakey sat under the roof of the kresge theater to get drenched with
roof-water.  then the sun came out.

i passed up a trip to coney island for the siren festival to help my girls
with a kinetic sculpture project.  they don't understand anything except
the requirements and the fact that they are being criticized from high up.
i feel like i've wasted my time, and that when they have an embarrassing 
amount of work to show tomorrow, i will be embarrassed too.  it's been
hard to keep my cool when i know that nothing is being absorbed and 
it's all floating away into the atmosphere, i put a lot into it too.  

i went to the sandcastle contest at revere beach yesterday, and i finally
drew something i was fond of.  it's been a while.  i spoke to brooke last 
night and she said the more she draws the more she hates drawing, 
which is true for both of us unfortunately.  i switched to my old sketchbook
which is nice, although the only difference is that i can flip to the end 
instead of just the beginning.  i brought some sand back from the beach,
it's on my futon.

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