what's with today today?

coffee is running through my body and i can feel it in my stomach.  it's almost one o'clock and still no one has come into work yet. i got here at 10:03.  my eyes are starting to cross from looking at this screen for so long, dawn tells me for every 10 minutes you look at a computer screen you should look at something far away for a minute.  i might start doing that but that's so many minutes...

yesterday i silkscreened some shirts for supa dupa the band, they were little sucking candies with supa dupa written across in bubbly letters.  they came out pretty poorly but it was so good to get my inks out again, they had been hidden at the front desk since may.  i had to snoop around for them because someone stashed them behind a box of sport death hoodies.  i got out my lacquer thinner too and while barry was cleaning a screen i grabbed a new screen and stuck on some stencils.  it's taken me two years to start up again.  two years.  i have stencils i cut in high school that i never put on screens.  they're all stuck up with push pins on the empty walls in my room as a subtle reminder.  too bad i don't actually live there yet to take the hint.  but three stencils are on for a three color print of 8 forties in a row.  maybe i'll print some tonight for kicks.  

i have to move out of mccormick tonight.  that's so much more stuff i have to pack into my room.  maybe i'll build myself some furniture.  all the 2x4s i carried over from lobby 13 at the start of the summer have been swiped by the janitors, and i have no nails although i can grab some from my lab while no one is watching, which they won't be, as no one is even here yet.  

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