some updates!

my apologies for not posting, this month has been incredibly fast. jesse
and i went to the east coast for a week and a half, and have both been
working like maniacs since our return.

the summit is up and running! it's a huge sunny space absolutely
saturated with macbook toters. the place looks like an apple commercial.
i did some sketches there yesterday that will be posted when i find my
camera. the staff there are awesome, the cashiers have the gift of gab
like i've never seen before and the bussers hand you clean dishes before
you knew you needed them. i'm getting faster at making drinks and
better at prioritizing them to get them out in the right order. it's really
fun to manage the coffee bar by myself, an exercise in scrutinized
efficiency. or something.

readers cafe is going strong and we just got (another) new boss. I got
myself some dansko clogs to save my feet from destruction (i worked 7
out of the first 8 days i was back) standing on matless floors. things are
on the up and up.

i have a show too! the revolution cafe is hosting my drawings for another
few weeks. it's a similar show to the one at socha, in case you missed that
one. there are a couple new drawings specific to the rev by the request
of the curator. i'd be honored if you stopped by.

finally, jesse taught me everything i needed to know about building bicycle
wheels! i have a shiny new rear wheel (with an axle that actually spins!)
\and a new set of gears. riding up hills just got so much better. i booked it
home last night after a class on how to start your own small food business
in san francisco. inspired and fried, i felt great after time trialing up the
panhandle (and a eating plate of fried plantains).

more to come soon!


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Anonymous said...

welcome back. I missed your posts.