From the photo archives, our Passover lamb. This was the first time my
purchased piece of meat really looked like part of an animal. It could
have been gross, it was not. I got this boneless leg roast from Prather
Ranch's farmers market stand. Prather Ranch sources great meat from
farms in CA and OR, and their staff will swear by their products. (I've
also been reading so much about farming and meat production that I
felt really responsible being able to recognize my piece of meat.)

The roast was thawed, unnetted, and rubbed with a mix of ginger, garlic,
thyme, coriander, salt and pepper. Then it was rolled and wrapped in twine,
covered in olive oil and slices of navel orange, and set in a cast iron pan to
roast for about 2 hours.


mema said...

Sadie, have you read. or listend to Cleaving? by Julie powell. she spent a year at our local organic butcher apprenticing cleaving meat. you might enjoy it. The book made me want to eat their responsibly raised and cleaved meats...

sadie sosha said...

I read her other book, Julie and Julia. I was excited about the Cleaving book, until a friend of mine gave it awful reviews, saying it was too heavy on the love-life details (I am particularly sensitive to those, they've made me hate many a book). But maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks!