sorry for the break in posts! i've been working working working at the
MoMA, I now have 2 free tuesday shifts under my belt, and am a few
weeks closer to my 3 month jury, in which i will make coffee for the
big dogs (and they'd better like it).

tonight marked the first loaf of bread that is actually bread-like and not
just a lump of mochi. it was delicious, owing to the not-so-subtle flavors
of flax seeds and white bean flour. we just had 92 pounds of gluten free
flours delivered from bob's red mill, courtesy of jesse. this past week
i've experimented with millet, white bean, fava, and garbanzo flours.

we had a passover seder here as well, the first one either jesse or i had
hosted, and it was one of the funnest dinner parties i have ever attended.
snapshots courtesy of jesse and his work camera.

the affikomen:

shitake matzohball soup:

wine-tainted chocolate matzoh cake:

tilapia and rockfish gefilte fish:

lamb roast and stuffed patty pan squash:

the aftermath:

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Christina said...

looks delicious! what fun, glad you enjoyed contraband, we should meet up there sometime.