skipping the next bus to albany

i'm going to albany on the 5 oclock greyhound from south station. some guy got stabbed, decapitated and disemboweled on a greyhound bus in canada two days ago. i hope that doesn't become a trend.

i rearranged the furniture a little and set up this new computer which is awesome. i left everything i own in the lounge overnight and threw it all back onto my floor this morning so i could pack up. i'm going to my mom's place from albany, then to jfk to fly to san francisco with my sister to see my aunt and uncle, ally, tj and jamie and sarah from wtp. then i'm flying to la for a few days and home just in time to miss my desk shift (and maybe the last t home).

i guess i have nothing to say. wtp is officially over, although my meal card still worked for breakfast today. there's room to walk on my floor which is a first. i'm really excited to see my mom and sister in new york. i haven't been there since xmas. also it's my mom's birthday tomorrow, and i forgot about it. maybe dwoira and i will make a cake, or something.

i'll scan some drawings when the trip is over, but hopefully i'll have a good stock of them


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