attention seamsters

the feedback from store 1:

great colors
great patterns
need a seamster who owns a serger

If anyone reading this knows someone who is technically better at sewing than the average Joe, (and affordable to the average just-out-of-college Jane) please please send them my way!

It was also suggested that I get myself an intern. Free labor, it would feel so weird. Can anyone just get an intern? Really?

help welcome


Amy Banzaert said...

Hi Sadie,

bumped into brooke today at d-lab and she linked me to your blog. So glad to hear you're doing well! I miss you :)

Good luck finding that seamstress ... my mother in law knows people in LA but you prolly want SF-based, I'd assume?


sadie sosha said...


Hi!! So good to hear from you!
I think I may have just found a seamstress on craigslist, she sounds awesome, she made a dress out of chocolate for a school project or something, so of course she has stolen my heart

how is everything?

Anonymous said...

HI Sadie, A surger is the kind of machine Liza has.....she may even have an extra one, the old green ones which are great, forgot the name of them.
Yes....anyone can get an intern. What you offer in exchange is experience toward managing business, product and design. They may even get college credits for working for you.
FIT in New York ( Fashion Institute of Technology) is a good source for interns since that is what they are aspiring to do.
High school student can be a good source if there is a "trade" or "vocational" school for fashion design.
FIBER ARTS in Berkeley if they still exist.

liza said...

umm. I gave Gilly my early serger, it should be available......