keeping on

jerseys are getting really fun to sew. the longest part of the whole process is
laying out the little triangles and stripes and deciding what looks good (also
the funnest part).

i keep thinking about things people have told me about
sewing productivity: set up a jig to fold hems for you, don't pin things or you'll
never make any money. then i think about how nice it is to sit down and sew
one or two things. i guess i wasn't cut out for production sewing, but that's
by no means a problem.

i've been blowing a LOT of glass since i got back from boston. i've been in a
studio 4 days since monday (counting tonight that is). yesterday i went to see
a demo by the de la torre brothers at CCA. they make things like this:

yesterday they made a giant glass sugar skull that said "craft" across the
forehead, very appropriate subject matter for Cqlifornia College of the Arts,
formerly California College of Arts and Crafts.

i met one of the CCA students who had worked in a production shop for 3 years
before deciding to try art school. his work was technically spot on, there were
these swell pieces that he had spray painted a matte black that were pretty gorgeous.

he said it was pretty hard to start thinking of glass in a conceptual way after 5+
years of acquiring technical proficiency. that's what i'm grappling with now as
well, and all i can think is, why glass?

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