i got me a seamstress

i'm pretty excited to work with her.

the way it will work is I will continue to do the applique and cutting, then pass it along to rebecca so she can serge the edges.

the fabric store was like a zoo today. and not only was it a zoo but it was a zoo full of people dressing up like things in a zoo. the poor people cutting fabric looked like they haven't seen the sun in a while. but at least they are in california, where it is still sunny, and warm as long as you stay out of the shade. I made it out of there with 3 new colors (slate magenta and orange) and some more of the same, plus enough to make a halloween costume, which i should have photos of tomorrow.

i would have worked tonight, but a bike sprint back from the store unfortunately took place, when i realized i had forgotten to turn off the stove. tuckered out, all i could do was play my ukulele and look out the window

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mm said...

gorgoeus chocolate dress! have fun.mm