market spoils

After my shopping rounds at last night's Castro farmers market, my pile
of food was rather daunting: four bags of greens and a bag of fruit waiting
to be loaded onto my bike before the ride up the hill. But along came Donka
of Happy Boy Farms with a whole beautiful flat of bruised heirloom tomatoes!
There were some in every color, from bright green to watermelon red to yellow
with orange streaks-how could I say no? So I tied the box to my cargo rack,
trying not to squish anything in my overstuffed panniers, stuck a bunch of
sunflowers through the bungee (for kicks), and biked home, Really... Slowly...

There will be tomato sauce galore in my freezer soon. Let me know if you'd
like a tub. (ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, shallots, oregano, cinnamon basil,
summer savory, rosemary, salt, walnut oil)

And sure enough, time keeps passing without my noticing, and it's apple
season again! I made off with 5 pounds of the season's first Gravensteins
from Sebastapol. Summer pie time just took a turn for the better!

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