put em up!

Another flat of bruised tomatoes got me thinking about how wonderful it is to deal with food as it starts to go bad. I must admit, it has always been a dream of mine to live in a house with an endless supply of jars, and now I do! If you have some produce that's starting to turn, deal with it! From left to right: juice ladelled from the tomato sauce, tomato sauce, pesto, pluot butter, and juice from the pluot butter. If you don't want to can it, freeze it, and if you don't want to eat it, give it to a friend!

(First one to request it gets a quart of tomato juice!)

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Anonymous said...

Great photo presentation of your food before and after.
Makes me wish we lived closer so we could sample your good eats. You are inspiering me to get into the kitchen and be brave. xob