your extra lemons...

...can look like this!

Lemon curd is superbly easy to make, and extremely tasty. I had forgotten
about it since last summer, when we seemed to make some at least once a

Zest from 1 lemon
Juice from as many lemons as you have lying around (I used 4)
eggs (do you have lots of eggs? separate them and use about 5 egg yolks. if you
only have a few eggs, just use the whole thing. I used 3 whole eggs)
1 c sugar or some combination of honey and agave
pinch of salt

combine all of these in a metal bowl, and set it on top of a pot of boiling water
(double boiler style). whisk constantly until the mixture thickens (it'll be
obvious and will coat your whisk). Remove from heat and stir in 1 stick butter,
chopped into pieces. Once they melt, you can blend and strain your curd, or
just refrigerate it as is. I poured mine into this prepared tart crust (blended
macadamia nuts, tapioca and brown rice flours with olive oil and agave, baked
and covered in a layer of chocolate) to set in the fridge.

let set for 2 hours or more.


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