Clean Beets-Drying your vegetables!

Exciting things are happening here in my part of the world! Firstly, outer
space pizza dough. This was topped with parsley and butter beans as an
accidental falafel pizza.

I visited an allergy clinic a few weeks ago, hoping to figure out why I've been
so sick this year. It seems I can't eat tapioca, garbanzo, or potato, three of the
most popular GF flour substitutes (Tapioca is the main ingredient in most of my
breads). The pizza dough was made with arrowroot and quinoa flour in an effort
to learn the ways of some new ingredients.

This bread had amaranth and quinoa but no starch. It taught me a few things
about baking with eggs, something I haven't done in months.

It's been a treat to be excited about food these days. I've been canning
jams and drying fruit, so I thought I'd experiment with root vegetables.

I snatched these beets from Happy Boy Farms last week and roasted them
with turnips and Serendipity thumbalina carrots, salt and olive oil. I
wanted to make an energy bar from vegetables instead of dried fruits, so
I shredded the roasted veggies in my food processor, along with some
braising greens, rosemary, ginger and garlic, and spread it all out on a
baking sheet to dry in the oven. They bars are a little fragile, but really

Finally, it's the first night of Chanukah, and I wish you all a warm
and filling holiday.

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