long day

Here's the craft fair setup. All in all, the show was a success,
because the gal next to me was pretty great. So I have a new
buddy, who spends her days making FOSTER MONSTERS!

This oh-so-pro display stand was made by Jesse, and went
together (and came apart) seamlessly.

Thanks again Sami for stopping by and telling me about
Stone Mountain and Daughter, where I spent an
enlightening 45 minutes debating whether or not to buy
fabric with UPS delivery men all over it. In the end I
didn't buy it (they were fully clothed, what's the use?),
but I did get these:

If anyone wants a pant strap or tube top out of any of
these fabrics let me know! I can't wait to see Mount
Fuji on a bicycle.

And I almost forgot! truethatbikes.etsy.com is now up!

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