Hello dear friends,
I am in need of a name for my bike clothing!
I want to get tags made so i can sew them into the shirt seams. here's what i've got for a tag:

But I don't really want to call them sadies. help please!


Robert said...

"Bike Gear"

Robert said...


Robert said...

"kickstand klothes"

shaunalynn said...

on a bicycle at night


sew cycle (get it, SO cycle, like vERy cycle, hahahhaha) or maybe "it's sew cycle!"

bobbins to bicycles

Sarms said...

cycle hides

Anonymous said...

Fast-assed clothing design
It's a FACD

mcplanner said...

It's lame, but "Seidas"?

Plus, if anyone asks, it can stand for "sometimes even I dream about sports".

kari said...

it's proabably already been done to some extent, but velociTees? velociT? i'm not feeling very clever right now, but i'm sure there are good ways to incorporate
a) the v in your logo
b) velocity
c) velo, as in the french word
d) tee, as in shirt
e) city?
maybe that's too much.

i also like shaunalynn's sew cycle, or some variation

Bill McK said...