Hi from Seattle

and finally, there is a picture of a corset on a bike.

Jefferson at Mission Bikes timed himself tying on the corset
(8 minutes, a small investment but well worth it).

I'm in a coffee shop in Seattle blogging the parade for Dave,
getting over caffeinated, dodging the rain, doodling, watching
hot glass youtube videos, and waiting to meet up with Star. My
flight had 45 people on it. I counted less than 10 rows with more
than 1 person in them. i had a really nice stretch across 3 seats,
dozing off listening to the bizarre selection of music on Virgin
flights, including the Arcade Fire, Frank Zappa, and Dolly Parton.

What happens when you draw outdoors in Seattle:

Bizarre cell phone company advertising:

and a really great way to wake up.

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