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3 gluten-free recipes and a brainstorm:

if you have the time to read through these, please comment with your favorite
of these ideas. next week we'll start focusing in on a few to implement.

the food:

gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi:

-sweet potatoes, boiled, peeled
-gluten free flour mix: potato starch, garfava flour, sorghum flour (i ran out of
these and ended up using Bob's Red MIll all purpose GF flour, did the trick,
but I think it is made of the above blend, plus rice, or something)
-1 egg

1. mash potatoes very well. I ended up putting them in the blender to make sure
the texture was okay (last gnocchi batch I just used a potato masher, this batch
was infinitely tastier).
2. add 1 egg.
3. mix flours, salt and turmeric in a bowl and add to the wet mix. keep adding more
flour mix until the dough actually resembles dough. this will take a lot of flour,
be prepared.
4. when it does resemble dough, take small fist-sized chunks, roll them in potato
starch into long, 1/2" thick ropes and set aside.
5. when all your dough is in ropes, take each rope and stamp it with the tines of
a fork. cut into 1/2"-1" long pieces.
6. when you are ready to eat them, drop them into boiling water, give them a stir
to make sure they do not stick to the pan, and fish them out when they float to
the surface (1-2 min).
7. dress with olive oil and salt and served with a roasted beet and feta cheese salad.

note: if you have too many gnocchi, dust the extra ones in more potato starch,
and put them in a bag in the freezer. the starch should keep them from sticking
together, so they will cook up normally when you take them back out.

beet and feta cheese salad:

-meyer lemon
-fresh rosemary
-fresh sage
-olive oil
-feta cheese

1. clean beets in water and cut into equally sized wedges.
2. slice lemon into thin sheets
3. chop garlic, sage and rosemary
4. throw all this in a mixing bowl and toss with oil and salt
5. bake on a cookie sheet at 350 for about an hour, stirring every once in a while,
until the beets are soft with a slightly crunchy exterior.
6. remove and let cool.
7. when cooled, mix in crumbled feta cheese, and serve.

gluten-free pancakes:
(these will come out much like whole wheat pancakes in flavor, texture and color)

makes 3 large pancakes (breakfast for 2)

-1 1/2 c flour mix: 1 part buckwheat flour, 2 parts sorghum flour, 2 parts garfava
flour, 1 part tapioca starch
-tiniest possible pinch of xanthan gum
-pinch salt
-1/2 t baking powder
-2 eggs
-2 T agave nectar
-2 T oil
-1/2-1 c rice milk (until desired consistency is reached)

1. add the wet ingredients to the dry, add rice milk as necessary until you get a
soupy pancake batter.
2. heat a skillet over medium flame until water beads up on the surface.
3. oil lightly, and add a big ol' scoop of batter. it should sizzle upon hitting the pan.
let it cook, slowly, for a while, until the air bubbles at the surface pop but do
not disappear.
4. when ready, flip your pancake and cook another minute.
5. serve hot with fresh strawberries, or whatever else you've got lying around.

happy brekfust

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