Thanks to everyone who made it out to Socha on Tuesday, and thanks
to the musicians: the fiddle jam sounded pretty darn great.

News on the bike rack corsets! Now officially called, Nice Racks, they got
themselves blogged about!

Thanks to Mission Bikes and their awesome idea to buy one/give one: for
every nice rack you buy, I'll install one somewhere in SF.

And finally, these biofuel stations will be getting an early morning visit from
Jesse and I before the next brainstorm. Please let me know if you have any
burning questions for them (sorry, I had to). The visits are to follow up on
the idea of putting bus maps and schedules on gas pumps. Looks like these
guys have already done their homework on this front, and if school taught
me anything, it's that you should never do your homework if someone else
has already done it.

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