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passion fruit tart, with photos this time.

this was a sadie-jesse collabo at the first second sunday supper club in
millbrae. it was a peach-passion fruit curd and the crust was incredible:

1 amaranth flr: 1 sorghum flr: 1 pumpkin seed meal: 2 sunflower seed meal
not much sugar, maybe 1/2 part, maybe less, and about 1/2 part melted
coconut oil (add more oil to get a dough that won't fall apart but isn't too wet)

Unfortunately for the photographs and forkability, the curd didn't have
enough chilling time to set (9 stuffed bellies awaiting dessert), which
was hilarious, if nothing else:

And a new thing: plantain empanadas!


yellow plantains (not black ones, or green ones)
a little honey
a little cornmeal
a little cornstarch

simmer cut and peeled plantains for 2-3 minutes until soft
add honey and mash with a fork or potato masher (or food processor if you
are lucky enough to have access to one). if the dough is liquidy, add the
cornstarch, or some cornmeal, but try not to. alternatively, spread the dough
out on cornmeal and then you won't have to worry about it.
add your filling, fold over into a pocket, and fry or bake or both until it is no
longer squishy and the plantains (and cornmeal) are fully cooked.

the filling:

black beans
butternut squash broth
charred jalapeno
apple cider vinegar

simmer this all until the liquid is all reduced. salt to taste

grated cheese
ricotta cheese

Enjoy the food, and on a different note, I may have a job at the Velo Rouge
Cafe (the one from that first watercolor). Had my first training shift today,
and it was great. Nice to know it is possible to not need coffee-out-of-
boredom while working.

I will enjoy the rest of this sunny day without being overcaffeinated, and
hope to see some of you at Socha tonight!

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