Again, sorry for the hiatus. I have been all over the place lately as I wait for my two jobs to hand me a proper schedule. But at least there's been cooking!

A loaf of gluten-free rye bread is about to go in the oven and will be eaten (if all goes well) with some balsamic-fig jam. All this before crashing early: I fly to Cleveland in the morning to see Shaunalynn! So expect more delays on posts, I return Wednesday.

Balsamic-Fig Jam:

-Black Mission Figs, fresh
-Balsamic Vinegar
-salt and honey (depending on the quality of the other ingredients)
-fresh rosemary or fresh ginger (optional)

1. Stem and slice figs
2. heat some balsamic vinegar in a pan with the sliced figs and herbs. stir.
3. the mix will simmer and reduce, a while. adjust ratios to taste, and let it boil down to a spreadable paste.


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