readers cafe, open for business

We opened today, us folks at the Readers Cafe in Fort Mason Center.

I started my day by fixing our decaf grinder, which was reported to
whiz and spin and other unpleasant things (I tightened two screws
half a turn each. Thank you engineering classes). It's quite a pleasure
to be serving good coffee to people who spend their friday afternoons
drinking cappuccinos at used bookstores (It's also awesome to have
an afternoon cappuccino crowd.). I only had to explain to 3 people how
they should enjoy their coffee, and only one of the three admitted to
disliking what I made him.

I left with a pocketful of tips just in time for Off the Grid, a gathering of
local Asian and Mexican food trucks right outside our door. I downed a
steamed dumpling and a blackberry gingerade before biking off into the

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Suzanne said...

A perfect slice of SF life!