Or, "Starting from zero is hard!"

A page of warm-ups from drawing class with the Exploratorium folks.

There is an immediate feedback loop between hand and mind when
trying to draw from the imagination: as the drawing develops, our mental
images cater to what we are able to scratch out on paper. In other words,
how well we can imagine is directly related to how well we can draw. In this
class we focused on spitting out ideas quickly, before our mental images had
a chance to morph into our drawn images.

I have a pretty good link between my hand motions and my brain, so my
drawings are "locally" correct (thanks, Tom Rockwell). Once I have a quick
drawing, I can use it as a reference for my final drawing. It's as unadulterated
an image as I can muster when drawing from my brain.

These sketches are blind contour drawings of my original scene (a person on
a bench or a bike locked to a parking meter.). Once I knocked out a couple
of images WITHOUT looking at my paper, I was able to redraw my nonsense
sketches more clearly.


arijana said...

SADIE! it is i, ari! i have found you, but your "follow" link is disabled and now i have to type your url in every time i want to see your thoughts!
i love the face in the corner of this sketch, and i love the way you explain your process.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was doodling with you!!! Just started cutting faces and and looking at my first steps after 3 /12 years of art abstinence. I have been emptying boxes of old work and putting some up on shelves. So much of the stuff, I forgot about. Nice to see though. Good reminder.
Nurse danny