A 5:45 alarm woke me up in time for the SF2G (san fran to google, 42 mi.)
meetup ride this morning. I downed some decaf coffee at Philz in the Mission
before heading out with this really intimidating-looking group of riders (I was
one of the only ones without cycling shoes or spandex). We immediately hit
some hills and I was at the back of the group, but after 3 consecutive climbs,
the rest of the route was flat! I couldn't believe it.

That said, I continued to be at the back of the group. The whole damn time.
But while unfortunately, my bike weighed more than anyone else's (and I got
comments to that effect more than once), I had the distinct advantage of being
female, so one of the more experienced riders hung back with me to make sure
I didn't get lost ("Oh, it's okay, I've ridden to work 4 days this week already so
I'm taking it easy. Anyway we're riding back tonight."). He also helped me fix
a flat with his much better mini pump, and also gave me iphone directions to
the Atherton CalTrain station when I bailed (that particular station is
unfortunately only open weekends, so I finnagled my way back to Redwood
City. Between the meetup, getting lost, and getting back home I think I'm just
shy of 40 miles.).

A note on bailing: part of me wanted not to, wanted to man up and keep riding
way too quickly for my comfort level, and I would have. However, a well-timed
flat was all I needed to remember that I was no longer having fun, and that
there is no point riding if you are both in pain and doing it for no reason.

Came home and passed out. Feeling good.

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Robert said...

You call it bailing...
...I would call it "reassessing"