Today was Bike to Work Day! I volunteered with Jesse and a couple other
folks at the Presidio Energizer Station for the SF Bike Coalition, and one
of the guys we signed up posted a little video here.

Woke up with the sun to get over to the station by 6:30 and stayed until the
sun was way too bright at 10. Bike to Work Day is like a holiday over here,
everyone was so jolly and happy to drink free coffee and be on a bike. So
damn wholesome.

Also I've been working on this animation all afternoon. The final drawings
will be inside a chaotic zoetrope (Picnic-a-go-go: High Sensitivity to Initial
Conditions Lorentz Water Wheel, or something) that Jesse and Adam and
B are building for Maker Faire next weekend. And hey! Now I know how to
make a cheap fast animation!


Sami said...

I left my house in a hurry and then ran into an energizer station 3 blocks from my house and totally forgot my hurry. : )

Anonymous said...

Request: More Boats.

Curlygirl said...

nice, you're in that video! and awesome animation

gloryofathena said...

sadie you're so cute.
i missed your cute little smile and voice
and your hair is so long!

p.s. animation is awesome!