tomatoes a la your mom, or what to do with leftover rice

This idea borrowed from the Marsh family, and made in a collabo with Jesse

leftover rice (Jesse made an awesome pot of basmati rice with vegetable broth
instead of water)
cheese (mozzarella and feta were our picks)
sauteed garlic and shallots
tomatoes, gutted

mix the first 4 ingredients and taste
stuff the gutted tomatoes with it and set them in a pyrex baking dish (or something)
use the rest of the rice/cheese mix to surround the tomatoes in the dish.
top with garlic and shallots

bake, covered, until sizzly and the tomatoes look cooked. I think we cooked them
at 375 for about 30 minutes. remove the cover and continue baking til it crisps up.

serve with pesto.

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