Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance pointed out to me today that
an experiment is only experiment if the outcome is unknown at the
beginning. Thus, watercolor is one big fat experiment for me, and the
conclusions are yet unknown. Feedback appreciated.


Anonymous said...

The tricky trouble about being really good when you start something like you have is that "really good" is your baseline....or your starting point at zero. The challenge (for me) is to remember that and not stay at this point because the work is good but to...as you say...experiment, make mistakes, do some bad stuff and live with it and raise the level into an area you surprise yourself with.....as if someone else did it using your hands.
Just my take on this process.
But what a great starting point. I love your handling of the paint.

l. nichols said...

I think you are having success with experimenting. For real.

Salman said...

i'm no art critic, but i'd hang two of these up on my wall right now.