I just wanted to let you all know that I am not dead, but have not been
drawing since I went camping, owing in no small part to spending too
many hours working in the cafe. However, there is still activity on this
end, and the past week has seen some excellent rosemary and lavender
chocolate truffles, savory mochi dumplings in a killer vegetable broth,
vegan truffle sandwich cookies, and 150 miles on my bike!

Also the August show at the SoCha Cafe has been bumped up to June,
so if you are here that month there will be two shows amongst which to
divide your attention. I'll be getting a move on soon.

Also, more prints to come as soon as Hilary and I can work out a time.

Vegetable broth:

Use whatever veggies you have. The more the better. I used:

2 onions
1 carrot
leftover feathery bits from fennel
dulse (seaweed)
1 japanese sweet potato
the top of a leek

1-2 T miso paste

shitake mushrooms, sliced
leek stalks, sliced

boil the crap out of your veggies, (with miso and salt to taste).
I used just enough water to cover, which made the soup extra tasty (I
was low on veggies) but only made enough for 2 bowls. I think it boiled
at least an hour, but probably closer to 2. Strain out the veggies, add the
leeks and mushrooms and simmer a little longer. I also saved the
japanese sweet potato rounds and kept them for the soup. Mmmmmm

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Robert said...

I like very much the phrase,"boil the crap out of your veggies"