Floor Five

There are several types of insects living in Gabe's room on floor five, 
into which I am meant to move upon Gabe's graduation.  The walls 
are all painted, although one contains a mural of two giant koi, which 
I will paint over soon.  I even bought supplies to do it with, although 
I don't have any idea what I'll paint.  Brooke and I will be sharing that 
room in the fall as a double studio, and taking her room as a forced 
double, and that way we both get a studio and neither of us has to 
sleep with the insects on floor five.  

Brooke is biking across the country tomorrow, and as a way to keep 
up with each other we have decided to start one drawing and finish 
one drawing every day of the summer.  Today we both bought 
Earthbound sketchbooks to start drawing in tomorrow.  Tomorrow 
we will go to Providence, Rhode Island so she can meet up with her 
other biker friends. 

Ally is reading Before the Storm, a book about Barry Goldwater, 
who is called "Mister Conservative" according to wikipedia.  The 
most interesting thing in the book so far is that he ran unsuccessfully 
for president.  Sounds enthralling!  

The rest of the happenings on floors five and six, which are also 
called Towers, have been quelled, or just paused.  Matt Lord turned 
21 today.  I do not know what the first drink he ordered today was, 
but here are our bets: 

Ally-Long Island Iced Tea 

Jose and Fanny both went home for the week and will be back for 
the weekend, and Gabe is in Rhode Island at nationals with the MIT 
Sailing team.  By the time Fanny and Jose are back, I will have left 
for New York City, Ally, Gabe and Connie will have graduated, and 
Matt Lord will probably just be drinking.

In short, floor five is a lovely dark lounge with three doors onto the 
balcony, excellent for sitting around writing about nothing in 
particular while listening to the gurgle of the three fish tanks (one of 
which contains no fish), whistling songs by Air or Kimya Dawson, 
storing bikes and empty Bombay Sapphire bottles, and waiting for 
everyone to come back.

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Anonymous said...

In my High School we had a teacher who drove a little red sports car with a Barry Goldwater bumper sticker.
We were all of course "liberals". We managed to get him fired by finding fault with his teaching, but it was really because of the Goldwater sticker.