Certainly Can Cancan

yesterday was very hot.  very very hot.  in fact i stayed inside all 
day except for getting a cup of coffee at 7:30am, and trying to get 
an espresso machine from reuse around 5.  there was no espresso 
machine when i got there but i did get a large cutting mat, and on 
the way back i scoped out the SH dumpsters and found a bicycle!  
Ken had thrown a few out that were parked in front of an emer-
gency exit.  i have a bike now, single speed, with a flashlight duct 
taped to the back of the seat for night riding.  it's a road bike and 
it has brakes, and i pumped up the tires with my new bicycle pump 
from rachel.  john said it was fast, i have yet to ride it.

i started painting in gabe's room yesterday, over the koi.  brooke 
you are in the painting, and i might be in it too if i decide to be,
there's a space for me. and my mom is teaching us how to chop 
fish (koi) and telling us not to feel too bad about it.  so that's the 
homage to the koi i'm painting over.  

i drew some chess players in harvard square the other day.  it's 
funny to watch them play and watch them pour 40s into abp paper 
cups at the side of their tables, and hear them click their timers as 
they make moves.  they're pretty ferocious looking.  i'm reading 
the yiddish policeman's union by michael chabon. it's all about yids 
who play chess, and this one who's father was the master of it, and 
tried to teach him but ended up just slaughtering him every time, so 
he writes a letter to his father telling him he loathes the game and 2 
days later his father kills himself (incidentally before the letter had 
even arrived).  but the detailing on the characters is great, and trans-
lates pretty well to watching the grumpy old harvard square chess 

the final episode of top chef is tonight, and the final mexican summer 
camp party in 462, and i'm working desk until 10 when they both 
start anyway... 

i have a few little basil plants growing on the windowsill.  they smell 
good but they're also covered in fruit flies or they were yesterday.  
i've killed several bugs this morning on the carpet, an one on my 
drawing pad, and i'm trying to assemble the light table i got but of 
course i cannot lift it by myself so it'll have to wait.  also i have no 
idea where to put it.  the room right now has two library-style book-
shelves in the middle of the room while i try to paint the walls.  in 
fact all i have in this room is furniture.

i think i'm done here, will scan drawings in later.

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mema said...

my neighbor Bill was out bike riding yesterday and ran into a group of riders who left providence and were heading across the country, riding with habitat for humanity.
I though perhaps Brooke was with them?
He met them on tow path road in Alligerville, Ulster county. It's also where my swimming hole is.
I thought that would be a great synchronistic event if indeed it was Brooke.