Probation and the end of Probation

the 24 hours

John and I decided not to have any contact with each other for 24 hours. 
At first I tried drawing, and went to Toscanini's, where they had honey
 thyme ice cream, which I tried and which was delicious!  But I drank a 
lemonade, met Bill McKenna to give him back the hat and book he left 
in Gabe's room, and drew an older lady sitting near me until she left.  I 
only had her nose drawn, so I improvised most of it, and sat there 
crosshatching for a while, until a little girl and her mom asked me if I 
did that for a living.  It was pretty cute, the little girl said she liked to 
draw, and her dad did watercolors. The woman had spent the rest of her 
time there fawning over the breakfast menu, especially the warm bread 
pudding, which made me think of Brooke.

After that I went home and had a pretty great time, relatively unprod-
uctively, Gabe threw a party on Friday night, which I went to, drank at, 
and got thoroughly nauseous as the lounge got messed up and the guests 
got beat up by Matt Garcia.  By two or three, or four, I was ready to puke, 
but didn't and tried to sleep it off.  

part 2

Woke up still queasy.  It took me a record amount of time to walk down to
the shower, and walking outside in the blazing sun was a little more than I
could handle.  I went to get breakfast hoping to settle my stomach, but the
sweet smell of abp made me want to ralph, and I spat out the first bit of my
sandwich for the same reason.  After a few hours I would only get dizzy 
after running up the stairs or leaning over, and by 6 pm, I was ready to start 
my day.

Riders up

6 pm was also the beginning of the Belmont Stakes, where Big Brown was 
the surefire winner, and potential winner of the Triple Crown, which 
apparently hasn't been won in 4 decades.  Big Brown looked fine, and held
a steady 3rd place until a few furlongs short of the finish, but then he 
dropped back and back and back, finishing last, at a trot.  Apparently he 
couldn't take the weather.  But hey, it's pretty unbearable here too.

So I went to JP Licks to cool off and draw, I got this mojito sorbet with 
seltzer thing, but the girl had never made one before so I had a whole 
pint of sorbet in mine, totally overkill, but great.  I sat outside and 
listened to some guys chatting about hitting on girls and going dancing, 
and behind me was a motorcycle gang and a bunch of the biker-women 
eating ice cream in belly shirts.  The gang all got on their bikes (with
 their respective (maybe) women) during a red light and sat their revving 
for about 45 seconds.  Meanwhile, I drew a lovely old lady sitting inside 
Starbuck's, watching her through the window.

post 24

I went out to dinner with John, because the probation was over, and too hung over all day to drink, spent my night on the Annex roof watching people drink and play music and talking about growing cucumbers in a city.  Terrence, who is the only other person from my high school to go here, was there, and was starting to grow vegetables on the roof in a fishtank with no drainage.  John went off about acid rain, Terrence went off about New York City, John went off about starting an off-season cucumber delivery service, I recommended he outsource to Oregon, but I think there was someone there with a barn in Oregon so that might have made sense.  When I went to sleep, John stayed up researching submarines that can jump like dolphins .

Today we went to Barnes and Noble to draw and read magazines, which 
was ordinary, and then pegged home to hang out in the air conditioning.  
Gave John a drawing lesson, and colored in some of my drawing.  It's 
not finished yet, I want his shirt to match the wallpaper.


I'm taking care of Hayley for the week for 
Gabe, who is in Vermont finishing his 
thesis book.  His room is full of those flying 
ants again, I think I've killed ten of them 
already, and john  killed one that was at least 
4 times the size of the ones in here that was 
crawling around the kitchen,  I'm all itchy, 
and every few minutes I hear this wing 
buzzing from a corner of the room.  Hayley's 
looked ready to pounce a bunch of times, 
but she just sits there and watched until 
she gets bored and leaves.  I'll be sleeping 
in my old room for a while.

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barretta said...

you're a stud
i love the progress
i wish mine would be so progressive

two things make my stomach rumbly
1) modern art
2) sandwiches from gas stations


ps keep it up
i'm psyched for our comparisons