The Laborious Walk to Central Square and the Chance T Ride Back

Last night John stayed over and we couldn't sleep. The air conditioner was

not on in the house and he kept tossing about, I guess until we woke up

because I don't remember falling asleep. But I woke up to a chill breeze
my little wind tunnel (the windows in my room are perpendicular). I
to Central Square in order to draw and get some coffee, but when
I sat down
to draw I sort of waited a while until I had something to draw.
That's never
good, so I drank my coffee and sat, and drew a bit, resulting
in the following

Upon leaving the coffee shop I dawdled around the few blocks to the T, and
stopped by the co-op to buy some milk and ran into Annatina from VAP. She
was with her mom who was not speaking English but was very cute asking
her about sugar. Also her mom had bought Red Sox red socks for Annatina's
little brother who had damaged his Achilles tendon.

Got on the T as Bill McKenna was getting off, so he didn't get off but came
to Senior House with me and we drew in Gabe's room. We also talked about
Coney Island, because for those of you who don't know, it is being "restored,"
which really means "Las Vegas-ified" (Check it out: thecidc.org). Bill might
have some tentative plans to stop this from happening, but there's not much
we can do without 2 billion dollars. I think I'll ride the ferris wheel next time
I go down. Can't remember if the swinging cars make me sick or not. The
Cyclone most definitely does.


Anonymous said...

the swinging cars will make you sick, yes

Dwoira Galilea said...

I loooove this drawing baby