today today

today i woke up and did not do too much

but yesterday, yesterday i went to a music fest in Harvard square to celebrate the summer solstice and ran into barry and bennett and some old beta i didn't know and sungyun, and all in all it was fun but not amazing

but the day before that, well i moved some stuff from senior house to mccormick so i could start living there and then i went grocery shopping, and by the time i wanted to go out my back was hurting so i played scategories in my room with the other girls i'm living with, and i guess that wasn't so great either.

but thursday i went to the fablab again.  i cut a stencil of this old drawing:

just for fun.  and then the vinyl cutter went crazy! it started eating up my film, which was the last bit of film i owned! it was so sad! so i asked alec if something was going wrong, and he said probably not, but that he'd be happy to tell the fablab to buy more film, which is completely awesome.  so i can keep cutting my stencils, and my screens arrived too! i have 14 now.  plenty plenty plenty.  and i have an empty suite where i can print too!

i somehow ended up at beta splitting a Colt 45 with john and watching blazing saddles.  it's funny that john an i have trouble finishing a 40 when we split it, while his roommate downs three a night.  the poor kid's liver.  he said it's unfortunate that he doesn't have two livers like he has two kidneys.  i said if he did he would just be drinking more.

i found my bicycle key under a cushion and took it for a ride today down memorial drive to river st and then to central, back up mass ave and over to beta for dinner.  by the time i got there my legs were all gelatinous and my hands hurt from leaning on the handlebars.  but it was totally worth it.  bmx bikes are really not that great.  the waitress at dinner was really cute and kept saying "escuse me, escuse me!" when she filled up water cups, and she said things like "bloccoli" and "led bean." the food was good too.

i'm back in gabe's room which is still a disaster. it's not going to be fun to have to move out of here, if i do.  i used my light table today for the first time.  of course i had to move some boxes off of it first, but it's a great addition to the studio, storage and all.  tj is keeping all of his electronics underneath it right now until he gets back from japan and drives to san francisco with his girlfriend and his sugar gliders.  again, i will scan things later.  really i'm falling quite behind on drawing.  i've got something, but it's nothing to be excited about, unfortunately.  i drew a nice older lady in harvard square yesterday while listening to the tokyo tramps, an older chinese man and woman and what looked like their 20-something year old son who played the tambourine.  the woman had a thick chinese accent but sang country music, and the guy had ling sideburns and wore a cowboy hat and a harmonica stand on his neck.  the woman i was drawing stood up when i had half of her drawn, so i'll have to improvise a little.  she was cute though.  

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