The Goings and Comings of Commuter Railers

Dropped Brooke off in Providence today.  We took a taxi up the big hill 
with another bike-and-builder named Jake who we met on the commuter 
rail. They're all staying in a Brown dormitory which looked pretty damn 
dumpy.  Dead-bolted doors and bathroom locks, double card swipe 
security, tiny little doubles, and linoleum flooring.  
It was raining.

We went to grab lunch but I realized I didn't bring any money with me to 
Providence, so we asked directions back to the commuter rail line at Ben 
& Jerry's.  This proved to be futile.  I don't think the girl working the 
register had ever taken a train, and the lady serving ice cream probably
has never taken a walk.  I'm pretty sure she would have died if Brooke had 
mentioned biking across America.  The walk down was nice, short and 
pretty.  It takes longer for me to walk from Senior House to Central 

At the station, Brooke bought me a ticket, I found my debit card, and we 
sat down to start drawing in our new sketchbooks together before I left 
for Boston.  And so, here is the first drawing (started and finished today) 
of the summer.

and although this drawing was drawn on Monday, and was not part 
of the new sketchbook, it was the idea for this project, and so, the 
finished drawing:

if you'd like to see all the drawings, they will be periodically posted here:

and finally, Matt Lord had neither a Margarita, nor a Long Island Iced Tea
nor a Cosmopolitan, but instead went for a long list of drinks he had never 
had, including a MaiTai and a Kamikazi Cosmo.

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