General Rant, at your service!

At our house meeting tonight we were told that it would greatly benefit the reputation of the house to have a hobby as it were.  East Campus went from "that dorm that makes drugs" to "the dorm that builds things."  Henry Jenkins, our housemaster, suggests we take on a similar persona, saying that while of course "the dorm that builds things" is an easy thing to remember, we are welcome to make a slightly more complicated name for ourselves.  

Fanny suggested that the obvious choice was "the art dorm," which, as she pointed out, we sort of already are.  Most bands in the four east dorms practice in our music room, we have people in dance troupe, we have cracked and murals and all that stuff.  As soon as this was pointed out I thought about our towers meeting, when it was decided that in an effort to keep the lounge of our suite a public hang-out spot, we can't leave anything out except for bottles and ash trays.  This charming development was geared towards bicycles, but it was primarily to keep stray art projects from taking over the lounge in an effort to spare towers the reputation of "the arts and crafts suite."

From a girl who is off to Burning Man, not to drink or do drugs but to BUILD ART PROJECTS, I am thoroughly disappointed, if not at all surprised.

And this is the current state of things in my awesome dormitory lifestyle.  Scot is back, which means there will be more dumpster dives.  Luwen is almost back, so there will be a social monolith, which will help me stay sane amongst strong art-nazi personalities (keep it contained to the sixth floor, or, better yet, let's keep you out of towers all together.).  My computer screen is flashing in odd ways.  I think it is time for repairs.  Shoot.

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you're going to burning man???