Nothing to Form a Title From

347 is our studio.  It is equipped with a 43" tall table the size of a full mattress, a shorter 4'x3' light table, a fridge, 3 lamps, some shelves, a closet, all of my art supplies, a desktop computer and mini speakers.  All it needs now are some artists.  Brooke gets home at midnight tonight, and after a whole summer without her, it's going to feel so great to start working together again.  Cracked has an art show opening at the Weisner Student Gallery on September 18 (4-6 or thereabouts), and there is as of yet no content!  

It's also frat rush all week.  I walked down Beacon St last night and scoped it out.  There are sidewalk barbeques on every block, hang outs, free red bulls, frisbee games, and so much animosity from pedestrians.  If you watch peoples' faces as they pass they always sort of scowl at the frats, until they get to the one they were invited to, of course.  It's as if one frat barbeque is infinitely inferior to another's, just because the letters on their shirts are different.  It's hilarious.  

I started going to a chiropractor who waives the insurance copay for students.  She works out of this chic office on Newbury St.  The waiting room has vibration chairs and free granola bars and the receptionist is an asian dude with a mohawk who wears black v-neck tees.  The chiropractor looks like she teases her bleached hair and clomps around in boots and a jean jacket, while putting heating pads on your back and cracking your neck more times than I knew it could crack.  Awesome.

School starts in 3 days, I switched my major to 2A, mech-E with a concentration in Product Design.  I'm psyched, taking a bunch of classes, I hope I just stay afloat

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