opinions des art

Damien Hirst created a piece entitled:

Beautiful, cataclysmic pink minty shifting horizon exploding star with ghostly
presence, wide, broad painting (2004)

It looks something like this:
and it spins on an electric motor.

Jenny Holzer, who made a beautiful light projection of assorted poetry
(http://sarahwilson.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/jenny-holzer.jpg) carved ten
stone benches with phrases such as:

No one sees you walking with a tick tick in your dick.


Aroused ones lock into every position that streams potential woofo.

I don't ever want to lose noticing. Jeff Koons put three basketballs into a
half-tank of water so that the submerged half of the balls looked magnified and
refracted. My grandmother asked me if I had seen what he'd done, and how did he
figure out how to make the top and bottoms of the balls not match up. For being
a small fraction of her age I feel like I've paid attention very hard, or at
least I've noticed that a straw looks funny when it is halfway under a drink.

I've noticed that from a certain angle the taxidermy crow in Robert
Rauschenberg's painting Canyon doesn't look so bad, and that Elsworth Kelly's
black and white canvases are slightly different around the edges when they are
supposed to line up. I looked for the weights moving up and down in the
elevator but I couldn't find them and I read the fire department sign on the
fence before we got a parking ticket.

And I thought about how unproductive I've been for so long. I could cry. There
is so much I used to know that I remember knowing from time to time, but only at
museums, by myself, looking at art I never liked.

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Anonymous said...

I have the biggest fucking crush on Damien Hirst. He has the best titles, and his biggest book is called "I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now."