misc. on san francisc.

airports are very pleasant places for people who are complete assholes,
but not for me. i had the pleasure of arriving at JFK 150 minutes
early for my flight, which means i got a relaxing seat on the floor of the
miniature jetBlue terminal, keeping my legs crossed so no one tripped
over me while trying to beat the other arriving passengers to baggage
claim. A family of small religious jewish children and their mother sat
near me and produced a giant bag of hard boiled eggs, which they
peeled and ate. a good portion of the egg crumbs (both colors, as some
of the kids only ate the yolks) ended up on the floor, and the rest were
ground into the mother's skirt, although she yelled at one of her sons
who actually peeled his egg and put the shell right on her dress instead
of in the plastic bag on her lap. maybe it was to spite her because when
he said he didn't want to eat an egg she said he had to.

I flew to long beach and waited for a transfer flight to oakland, and i
avoided this family, who was on the same transfer flight. it was much
nicer in long beach.

the temperature difference between long beach and san francisco is
drastic. i've worn a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt and boots the
entire time i've been here. it's cold and sunny which means you have to
wear a sweatshirt but it makes you sweat. but despite the chills the
weather is charming. it beats boston summers any day (i've heard that
it's cooled off since i left). i walked around the yerba buena gardens with
ally on my first night here, we sat by a fountain until my face was too cold
even though i was wearing my hood. we took the bart to emeryville to pick
up rachel's car. in emeryville there is a bus called the emery-go-round.
there are also shootings.

i stayed at ally's last night. when i woke up she was watching Dark Passage
with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall is so pretty, we
couldn't figure out why she was so attracted to Humphrey Bogart, and the
movie didn't exactly develop that point either. it was a good movie though
for only seeing the second half. we walked through berkeley's campus
when the movie was over. ally pointed out that people in berkeley all have
really nice legs. they do. if only boston were all hills too.

that's the end of the important things to say. i walked around san francisco
more, had a tea leaf salad and a beer at a burmese restaurant, john and the
media lab team won a game in the D-league softball playoffs, and thai iced
coffee is really delicious.

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Joe Silverman said...

the media lab team fuckin rules so hard bro