First off, some sugar:

Left to right: milk chocolate peanut butter cups, however misshapen,
earl grey milk chocolate truffles, curry milk chocolate blobs, and
goji/cherry/pistachio/cacao bark.

the bark and the curry lumps are awesome. I'm too scared of the sugar
crash on the other side of the peanut butter cups to taste them, but
they will be served at tomorrow night's brainstorm (i'll put them out
AFTER we do all our thinking).


dark chocolate
goji berries
dried cherries
dried mulberries
cacao nibs

freeze a plate or tray.
melt chocolate in a double boiler (or a saucepan on top of another saucepan)
mix all the berries and nuts, keep at the ready.
spread wax paper over your frozen tray
pour half the chocolate over the cold wax paper surface
pour on your trail mix
cover with the other half of the chocolate
freeze until solid, peel off the wax paper and enjoy!
i added some salt crystals to the top of mine, i recommend it.

And some watercolors. I was itching to do some acrylic work, but after
a thorough search through my paint toolbox, i discovered that I lost my
white, and really, there isn't much i can do without my white. I promise
some paintings next time i near an art supply store.

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