gluten-free polenta-bread

combination of (~1 cup):
sorghum flour, garbanzo flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch
~1 t xanthan gum
~1/2 cup liquid (i used rice milk and plain yogurt. I'll bet apple juice
would be good, or miso soup, or water)
2 eggs
2 T oil
1-2 T honey
1/2-1 c polenta (or cornmeal)
seeds and a jalapeno pepper

char the jalapeno over a burner (or a real fire!) and chop thinly
dry-toast seeds (i used sunflower and black sesame seeds) in a pan over
high heat until browned and poppy
mix flours together in a bowl
mix liquids and add to flour bowl
stir in polenta

coat cast iron skillet (mini) with oil, seeds and jalapeno slices
fill with batter
bake at 425 for about 20 minutes.
cut around sides of pan and invert


(the texture will change drastically as it cools, going from a bready texture
to a polenta-y texture)

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